The studio

All Design is a firm specialized in developing and conceiving products that are characterized by a unique approach. From the white page to the final product, the firm will suggest a partnership adapted to the particularities of your company and your projects, while emphasizing flexible and personalized solutions.

Its experience in the manufacturing sector, its sense of innovation and its eye for detail make All Design the ideal partner for the accomplishment of your projects.



Design & Development

3D Modeling & Virtual Sculpture


Technical Validation

Rendering / Visual support


How It All Started

Industrial designer for more than 20 years, Alexandre Lajoie started his professional activities by designing corporate furniture. Then, his desire to explore in combination with a childhood dream led him to improve his creative talents and technical knowledge through the conception and design of toys of all kinds.

In 2005, looking for new challenges and wishing to develop his entrepreneurial spirit brought him to start his own consulting firm in industrial design, All Design. This business model, based on a collaboration of high-level internal and external expertise, has allowed him to accomplish large projects, from the white page to the final product. This has been done in domains that have been varied and stimulating for both partners and clients. Through their many roles – artistic director, creation chair, or designer, Alexandre and his team have spread their involvement and contributed to the success of many commercial products, even if, at times, it is hidden behind the image of the businesses requesting their service. “Working in the shadows does not bother me; what matters is the result, the success, and the satisfaction of the clients! All of this while having fun and feeling a sense of accomplishment.”  

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